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Where do you sit in the 7-SEALS of Consciousness?

 And HOW do YOU Ascend to Higher Seals of Consciousness?

Did you know there are Seven Seals of Consciousness?

The Seven Seals create your experience on and off of this realm.

Full understanding of these seals will lead you toward self-identification.
By identifying which Seal you currently reside, you may finally begin expansion and growth into full potential of self.
Without this understanding, one remains in a reptetitive cycle of reoccurance and stagnation.

Join us on this journey to uncovering your hidden self. These teachings will expand you in ways you have never experienced thus far ….

Learn how to Ascend to Higher Levels of Consciousness

Find the keys to unlocking the Reincarnation porcess with the Seven Seals of Consciousness

Discover how to reach beyond the illusion of this realm





Intro to the 7 Seals of Consciousness

Descrption: Greating message from Brad Wallis introducing what you are about to experience with the package.








The First Seal Of Consciousness

Color:  Brown

Name: Sub-Conscious

Traits: Reproduction and Survival

Description:   The First Seal of Consciousness is a state of awareness dealing solely from the perspective of disconnection to Source. Having fallen to the lowest and slowest version of thought, you fell into the illusion of this realm in order to interact with it. Giving way to the illusion that things can die and that there is a time limit. Reactive, survival thoughts and actions bind you to repeating this cycle.

Fear is the primary driving force in the First Seal. Paranoia and doubt are birthed from fear causing anger and violence. Survival at all costs is the only view based on the limited thoughts and low level awareness. Believing only in what you can see, Superstition is also a belief.

Not understanding the goings on with life cycle’s and energy transfer, you believe something outside of yourself causes the goings on around you. Rituals and compulsive behaviors are your way of having control on this realm.





The Second Seal Of Consciousness

Color: Red

Name: Social Conscious

Trait: Control, Tyranny Herd-like behavior

Description: Social Consciousness is the state of awareness that continues to thrive on the basis of fear and reaction. Only slightly higher than the First Seal, many of the First Seal traits are your driving force.

Herd-like behavior is followed for you now, believing that there is strength in numbers. The ability to conquer and control is achieved by the masses.

Likeness, approval, requirement all of these deal with control and punishment.

Government systems, education systems, economic systems all deal with this type of behavior. If you do not conform you will be punished. Keeping track of others for the fear of them thinking for themselves. In this state of awareness you continue to set up systems in your life to practice the art of survival.

Corporations, religions, sports anything dealing with winners and losers. Punishment for those who do not follow.




The Third Seal Of Consciousness

Color: Yellow

Name: Conscious Awareness

Trait: Pain and suffering

Description: Conscious awareness is the state of awareness beginning to birth the thought of possible connection. The belief that perhaps you are a part of something greater. Positive thoughts can create some positive experience. Focus is still primarily distracted by the illusion.

Pain and suffering is felt and viewed. You have compassion for others, believing that they are victims like yourself.

The first two seals still affect your life and your state of awareness. You still find yourself reacting to social agenda and requirement. You now believe in polarity. That all things have a yin and a yang to them. This realm proves that you are a little more accepting, yet you still believe there is a force outside of yourself that you are connected to.

Fear still binds you, manifestation occurs but only when you focus. Sleepwalking is still where most of your moments are spent.




The Fourth Seal Of Consciousness

Color: Blue

Name: Bridge Consciousness

Trait: Unconditional Love, All allowing

Description: In bridge consciousness you begin to accept that you are creating it all. No longer feeling or believing in an all knowing force outside of yourself. Finding your light within and working from that perspective.

Forgiveness is experienced and expressed. For this issue is the most difficult for Human’s to master. Receiving love from self is how one forgives oneself. Based on judgment from everyone else you find it hard to feel total love for self. Accepting others, allowing others, you soon realize you are doing these things for yourself. No longer giving in to the illusion of polarity you view the realm as a reflection of thought.

Manifestation and focus on the now begins to dominate your consciousness. Compassion, forgiveness, understanding, isness is your state of awareness. Experiencing higher thoughts and emotions. Fear is an old friend that you accept as part of your process. Now you don’t give it any focus. Possibility is your view.



The Fifth Seal Of Consciousness

Color: Rose

Name: Super Consciousness

Trait: Speaking and living Truth without duality

Description: This state of awareness births the aspect of living and speaking the truth without duality. You are no longer concerned with any energy focus on fear. Your life becomes an example of living and breathing love and acceptance. You walk in an illuminated state; your enlightenment is your continual process. Spending most of your time in inner expansion, you connect your mind to all aspects of higher possibility. Your thoughts are manifesting themselves effortlessly now.

Others may begin to see your transparency. You can ascend yourself out of your body and find your connection to self. This occupies most of your focus. Now being able to see more of the dimensions around you, you may seem disconnected by others.

Manipulating energy and matter occurs easily in this stage. You experience peace of mind and joy.




The Sixth Seal Of  Consciousness

Color: Gold

Name: Hyper-Consciousness

Trait: Veils are open Full Access to Kundalini Energy.

Description: This state of awareness allows access to all memories locked in the encodement of the Kundalini energy. Now all knowing is accessed. Full brain activity is achieved and manifestation from thought is instant.

You can create out of thin air all possibility and experience. Walking on water, regeneration of cells and matter. Transparency and light consume your physical body. Ascending and descending on and off this realm is effortless. Demonstration of being Source is the message you bring. Full movement of consciousness through physical embodiment is so fast you no longer are affected by the slow energy frequency of three-dimensions. Christ like existence is achieved.




The Seventh Seal Of Consciousness

Color: Rose-Gold

Name: Ultra Consciousness

Trait: Attainment of full Enlightenment

Description: This state of awareness is achieved once having mastered this realm. As ascension off of this realm occurs and one becomes the very thoughts they have. Becoming the all of creation and possibility. Returning to the void. This is the all things potentially possible state of existence. You no longer experience thought. You experience the launching of all possibility.





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